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Balsamic Vinegar

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"It is true that a thick aged balsamic might be but it is said that a thick balsamic is aged".

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Balsamic Vinegar Acetaia Valeri: Events, novelty, proposals and recipes

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Balsamic Valeri on typical products

Interview with Valerio Giacobazzi about balsamic vinegar, from Typical Products

Merry Christmas with balsamic vinegar Acetaia Valeri

Packs and gift ideas for good tastes! From Acetaia Valeri, The family acetaia Producers of Balsamic Vinegar... by tradition Carissimi, have you thought about your Christmas gifts, those from for your families or for friends, for customers or just to say thank you to someone? On our website you will find some suggestions in the section […]

Our balsamic vinegar at Christmas for Emergency

Also this year Acetaia Valeri has donated to Emergency its precious vinegars and products, that will be sold in the Emergency Christmas Spaces. The sale of Acetaia Valeri products and other donors in the Emergency Christmas Spaces, will raise money for the victims of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, to which the association offers care […]

Interview with Maurizio Fini, President and Grand Master of the Balsamic Vinegar Consortia

We report part of the interview carried out by Giuseppe Marasti for Italian Economy, where you can find many ideas to deepen your knowledge of Balsamic vinegar. Maurizio Fini, President and Grand Master of Consortia, tells Economy how this product, once given in dowry to noblewomen who married, has become a world-renowned product. And how […]

Taste our Balsamic Vinegar and make a balsamic culture with our library in Acetaia

Valerio Giacobazzi inherited from his family and collected in the library of Acetaia Valeri a rich heritage of texts, even rare ones ranging from the second half of the 1800 nowadays. Books not to be found because printed in limited runs, but also manuscript notebooks with the secrets of the ancient art of the production of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. >> Visit […]

Vinegar Open 2019

Sunday 29 September Discover the world of Balsamic vinegar! Book your free guided tour to Acetaia Valeri and discover the secrets of the Balsamic Vinegar tradition of Modena PRENOTA THE FREE VISITA We will greet you with a tribute to remind you of us From Acetaia Valeri, the real family acetaiaProducer of balsamic vinegar, by tradition Thinking of doing […]