Traditional balsamic vinegar the next Christmas

L’Acetaia Valeri reminds you that

“for your Christmas l & #8217; Vinegar Valeri you can't forget”

and then here are some tips for your Christmas or new year needs but which could be used on other occasions.

First Birthday, i nostri migliori Auguri per un Buon Natale ed un Importante 2018

Proposta "Tradizionale" Acetaia Valeri

Christmas proposal

The Classic: always Pack suitable for any occasion where “impress” is your goal, a box that can contain a bottle of balsamic vinegar in the different proposals of Valeri and great colleague Parmigiano Reggiano!!

All in a luxurious coated cardboard box and wrapped it up at your discretion.

But it might be interesting also the top box where you can choose on your own what to use between the different proposals of Valeri, from simple commercial balsamic vinegar of Modena cream or an absolute hit Vinegars, the classic traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena, already aged 25 years in barrels of different wood and guaranteed by the consortium of & #8217; traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Balsamic proposals
Balsamic proposals


Proposta "Base" Acetaia Valeri
Proposal “Base” Acetaia Valeri






Base: Gift Pack consisting of a pack of Balsamic Vinegar, of your choice among our offers in the catalogue and a Kg of Parmigiano Reggiano in corrugated cardboard box.

Potrete semplicemente stupire anche utilizzando solo la confezione classica del nostro tradizionale sigillata da una semplice corda, per far risaltare l’unicità del prodotto nelle due confezioni che contraddistinguono il tradizionale, complemented by an equally simple pendant guarantee and personal greetings.

The extra old
L & #8217; extra old
The aged 12 years
L & #8217; honed 12 years









But if these suggestions do not meet your needs, You can always ask us to customize as you wish, at your designation, your desired package to leave no stone unturned and guarantee you to amaze those who will receive your gift.

I nostri migliori Auguri per un Buon Natale ed un Importante 2018