Balsamic certified and guaranteed

Today certified PDO and PGI balsamic vinegar is a commercial necessity but more certifications can help distinguish your product.

This year's additions of our balsamic vinegar and certifications of our structure we confirm the uniqueness and originality of Acetaia Valeri.

Balsamic Vinegar Products
Certified Local Products

Excellent Italian and typical products we renew their trust in assigning us also for the 2017 the rosette and their certificate.
We sought and achieved this certification to distinguish and guarantee our products to the consumer.

Through the numbers appearing on consumer products can verify certifications that we were allocated, from the two entities, in the defence and protection of Italian products.

Our certified balsamic vinegar, In addition to our facility, You can find it within the portals of two certification bodies.

Then there are the certifications DOP and IGP of our products:

Indicazione Geografica Protetta - IGP

PGI – Protected Geographical Indication
The term “PGI” is related to the name of a region, of a specific place or, in exceptional cases, a country, used to describe an agricultural product or a foodstuff originating in that region, specific place or country, and which possesses a specific quality, reputation or a ’ other characteristics attributable to that geographical origin and the production and all ’/or processing and/or preparation of which take in the given geographical area ’.

PGI balsamic vinegar Acetaia Valeri

Denominazione d'Origine Protetta

DOP – ’ designation of protected origin.
Award given to agricultural products and foodstuffs whose production process, are carried out in a defined geographical area and whose production process is subject to a production Protocol. These characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to a particular geographical environment, with its inherent natural and human factors.

Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena vinegar factory V

“We cannot disperse a heritage that we were handed from history and from our families”

Recipes handed down from father to son and someone left us said:
"It is true that a thick aged balsamic might be but it is said that a thick balsamic is aged".