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want to be a collection of information for you, precious, to keep you informed of everything that makes headlines about traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena and balsamic vinegar of Modena, those two products to distinguish Modena at the table.

We will update you with news of a simple print or, better, some improvements of regulations that protect and guarantee the product worldwide.

4 March 2015 France and Germany recognize Modena as the home of "Balsamico"

97% the Italians know the balsamic vinegar of Modena, but the awareness also affects the Germans and French where the proportion exceeds 80%. If the data on the product knowledge is amazing, even more so are the percentages of French and Germans, If asked about the territorial source, back to Modena a product named "balsamic" respectively in 63% and 51% of cases. On this information and on the sharing of the assumption that policies and strategies can not be done individually or in isolation, but they need to share, consent and consultation as well as an intelligent action and system, developed this morning in Rome at the Ministry of agriculture meeting – organized by the Consortium for PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena alongside AICIG and Qualivita Foundation – on PDO and PGI ": protection policies and strategies ".  To open the work of what has been a fruitful discussion and comparison of many voices to engage in various capacities around the field of PDO and PGI, going beyond the analysis of each product balsamic vinegar of Modena, He was the President of the Consortium for PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena Stefano Berni, that was followed by intervention – moderated by the Director of the Consortium for PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena Federico Desimoni – President of the Associazione Italiana Consorzi Indicazioni Geografiche Lam and the Director General of Qualivita Foundation Mauro Rosati, In addition to Emilio MIPAAF's Cat, Giorgio Bocedi Attorney, Silvia Zucconi agrifood area coordinator of Nomisma and Stefano Vaccari of ICQRF. follows ..... 

12 March 2015 The balsamic for gentleman Usa :American Senator visit vinegar producers, the "black gold" in a book on luxury products by Serena Arbizzi.

Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena will be among the protagonists of a book on etiquette curated by Wayne James, a native of the Virgin Islands, writer and Senator of the United States which, these days, you are venturing on a visit to the local vinegar to touch the material that will inspire the volume. The book is entitled "Manly Manners" and it will be some kind of manual of etiquette, for young men to help learn concepts and exclusive products to people who belong to a more modest social range. This embodies the full of the "American dream", that even those coming from a disadvantaged class, with work and willingness, can succeed and reach the finish line longed. Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena will be placed within the chapter on the luxury, that is the luxury, representing the good essence of typical modenese that peers out from the small bottle of Giugiaro. "Manly Manners", After printing, in June, will also be presented in Modena.

«The book will initially be written in English, but I already have contacts to carry out the translation, "explains Wayne James at Palatipico, where the initiative has illustrated is best known in the United States – the balsamic vinegar, or balsamic vinegar, but not the traditional. This book will serve to disseminate knowledge of this product, valuable and niche. I was fascinated by the history of balsamico, a unique in the world and it is a privilege to contribute to make it known overseas», concludes Wayne James. Yesterday morning, to explain how traditional balsamic is valued through the volume "Manly Manners", In addition to Democratic Senator Wayne James were present at Enrico Palatipico Corsini and Leonardo Giacobazzi, respectively Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Consortium for the protection of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. "These days we are accompanying Wayne James to visit the vinegar and it's always inspiring to see the eyes of aliens before the" secular cathedrals "where is prepared our black gold – tell Corsini and Gammage – technology in vinegar has not arrived yet and you do everything as it once was. James visited Villa Bianca, Fattorie Giacobazzi balsamic vinegar to get an idea of both the Pgi, both Dop, Acetaia del Cristo, the cooperative tradition, and a group of small vinegar».

SUNDAY 28 JUNE 2015 – HOURS 17 CHAT WITH DYED, ACETAIA VALERI (REF. Giacobazzi Valerio) factory and SAN GIOVANNI (REF. Solmi Giovanni)

Hold together the tradition, the territory and economic development. The reality of two family vinegar which produce DOP: little captains courageous.

Over the years we have seen often among the conflict between "good" and "bad vinegar" vinegar, with Bals ' friend we want to be able to sew more a relationship of respect between the two sectors in full awareness of the difference in origin, application and market for two different products. In a world where counterfeiting of both products still give the trouble to our producers, We must stop each other and denigrate us Alliance outwards. With the development and knowledge of traditional balsamic in the world, grows the need to network even among small producers of traditional so that they can become a pillar of our economy.

With Bals ' friend, as municipal administration, In addition to scoring again a primacy over ABTM, real black gold of families spilambertesi, We want to bring about cooperation between the different vinegar.

The stories of the vinegar factory Valeri and the vinegar factory Solmi, of their past, present and future, We believe could be a good companion along the way in addressing this speech.

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