Organic seasoning “Saba” – 250 ml

Organic seasoning “Saba” – 250 ml

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250ml – 8.45 FL. oz

And’ indicated on cooked vegetables, Polenta, soft cheeses, about sauces, ice cream and frozen desserts, with panna cotta and yogurt. Ideal for pastry and for diversification of aperitifs. Excellent as a queer when dissolved in water.


Organic condiment "Saba": Product that has nothing to do with the world of vinegars but that must be among our products because it is believed to be the same base that has contributed to give rise to the whole balsamic world. Specifically, the product is obtained from an organic supply chain, a Bio must reduced to direct heat.

Always very ancient natural sweetener, so much so that its production and use is found in the writings of ancient Rome, yet 12 centuries b.c.. in the preparation of desserts, jams, fruit salads and as a flavoring in General. The Saba called Sapa formerly always, you only get from cooked slowly in pots, possibly, copper and direct fire of wood, in "Open Cup" to let it evaporate and remove impurities, until the concentration of sugar demand, reducing to a third after about 72 hours of cooking. We recommend using after a slow natural decantation, possibly in a room that is not too cold in winter, to make it clear and thick sliding to enhance the flavors of the grape must used in a balanced sweet and sour taste, a concentrated mineral rich organoleptic characteristics, enzymes and organic acids, great food supplements. It keeps well in a room that is not too cold, Sealed, also for long periods. You use to prepare dough and fillings, above the ice cream and just, as we ate as children, poured into a glass filled with snow, deemed "grenadine". Once was used to paint the sweets before and after cooking, dipping the porridge or the soft cheeses or just tasted like sorbet after dinner.

The Toppings: Everything that does not follow the specification PDO or PGI for even a parameter of that regulation, must be otherwise defined on the label, for us then “Seasoning” We are going to accompany you to a proper name to distinguish the product commercially. Are usually made by the same production of balsamic vinegar of Modena or derived from the same supply chain of the two PDO, complete with different aromas acquired in steps different barrels, to ensure that products from real alternative and balsamic aromas.

The toppings are used according to what is already known and recommended for PGI and DOP but, the more or less evident and original flavors that might express, interesting and different emotions can give off the palate so as to make them a viable alternative for those who appreciate, Discover and diversify, the pleasures of the table.


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