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Ampoule for balsamic vinegar

26.00 VAT included
Ampoule for balsamic vinegar, in ceramics, capacity 200 ml

Apron for the conductor

20.00 VAT included
Protective apron for work with balsamic vinegar

Cap “Dripper”

3.00 VAT included
Cap “Dropper” for balsamic vinegar

Ceramic tasting spoon

8.00 VAT included
Glazed ceramic spoon for balsamic vinegar

Cruet “Tragno” for balsamic vinegar

22.00 VAT included
Tragno, in ceramics, for balsamic vinegar, capacity 100 ml.

Folding Balsamic Vinegar Acetaia Valeri

0.00 VAT included
Folding, about Balsamic Vinegar, by Acetaia Valeri, in homage to your purchases, also to distinguish ourselves and distinguish the different commercial proposals of balsamic vinegars. Otherwise you can pick them up by passing directly from us, scrupulously complying with the health provisions.

Small cruet for balsamic vinegar

23.00 VAT included
Ceramic balsamic vinegar cruet, capacity 100 ml

Table bottle holder

21.00 VAT included
Ceramic bottle holder for balsamic vinegar