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We have added this page to You, to gather the reviews received or just those collected at the end of the visits to our vinegar factory in the hope of doing something pleasing to those who preferred to leave a trace, Maybe you will recognize rereading them!

Balsamic rest !
Balsamic rest !

You left written so:

Congratulations you are the pride of Italy ’ ’!!!!

The taste of the passion and care is savoured in this vinegar …. Masters of quality and traditional wisdom.

A wonderful experience! 3 hours of culture, Food and fun!

Wonderful place to visit!

A huge compliment to Mr Gammage and his wonderful product! We thoroughly enjoyed while visiting. Great tasting products.

And’ was a great experience to recommend!

Interesting day! someone who hated l ’ vinegar is my mind: now he loves it!

An outstanding visit nell ’ excellence of Modena.

I liked what I saw and I believe that today we have to just compliment to ’ love you have for what you do! Best wishes, greetings and congratulations with affection!

Thanks Mr Valerio and Mrs., good good and good!

But what a treat!!!!

Today l ’ Emilia gave us a great lesson to us romagnoli, We're flattered that they were guests of this big family hoping to have guests from us and be able to cuddle in the same way!

Independent Chefs Association Romagna ACIR : Today with much pleasure we visited l ’ acetaia Valeri. We were greeted by Valerio and Joseph so very welcome and plenty of availability. Many thanks for the ’ detailed explanation on the working of ’ tasting Tasting balsamic vinegar and on having the highest quality product of which we will be important word of mouth. Thanks again.

When there is passion there is everything. And here there is a lot of passion. Congratulations!

What a lovely discovery, What a beautiful story! Keep this secret recipe, especially to the Americans!!!!

Viva Modena

Excellent people and exceptional their Vinegars are great as a condiment but also for cooking and give an extra touch to your dishes. The passion you put into manufacture them hear in every drop. Were very uncomfortable.

Hoping that this must continue to ferment, Thanks for the ’ hospitality!

The delight of the palate ….. This vinegar has given us ….. the recipe is a secret ……… viva viva this vinegar!!!!

Thanks for the knowledge that sent us, patience is the virtue of the strong!

Surely it was worth knowing the secrets of this art can be defined as activities that!

Congratulations to those who knew how to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next!

Interesting information!
Interesting information!

I really enjoyed that, It was interesting! I thought l ’ vinegar made the machines…… So I learned a new thing!

I didn't know him before …….. now I'd recognize him anywhere!!!

Live a few days near all these “tuna” Balsamic vinegar sent us your passion! I hope to return next year with l ’ …… to enjoy your ” nectar ” Divine!

Thank you !!! Today I bought an ounce of “passion”.

Very interesting afternoon! congratulations! Passion, history and ….. treat the palate.

L ’ water flows, …. the Brook is silent, ….. forget the vinegar I can't!

Children of the section 5 years visiting the vinegar factory report that it was a very nice day!!! Curiosity: “but the animals that are in you can eat?” ….. “the barrels were so many but I don't l ’ I heard because l ’ odor bothered me” ……. “I thought in that small little there was l ’ vinegar tastier, on the other hand was like them for beauty” ….. ” was very nice …. though it was very hot” ….. “My dad said it looked really a Museum, in fact c ’ were also the things that you could not touch”

Nice!! Interesting!! well worth the money!

…. What about… Thanks to all those carrying on traditions bringing high l ’ pride of their land in the world!

A very interesting visit very informative, to know the true traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena

I was fascinated and pleased

Very interesting visit to the knowledge of a product so “Special”

Interesting and yummy visit

I loved the balsamic ’

Interesting journey in the gastronomic culture of Modena, evviva l ’ excellence

I finally figured out how to produce the true traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena

With today's technology we discovered traditions

Belle true?

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  • Dominic Belleville

    Good morning,

    I am passionate about and I would love to know your balsamic vinegar acetaia.

    My fist language is french but I'm better in english than Italian !

    I would like to import samples of your production in Quebec, Canada, to have a focus group tasting it. If we select it, than we can start a little importation as we already have steady customers looking for high quality vinegar.

    I would be looking for 3 type of product. Entry level, Condimento and ABT.

    Can you tell me what are the price of those 3 products. We can pay via credit card or bank transfert before shipment.

    Gracie mille

    Dominic Belleville

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