Visit Acetaia Valeri Anfi

"This is how they defined it as the 13 may 2022 and so they tell it"

We are a group of friends from Ancona who driven by the curiosity to learn more about the life of thetraditional balsamic vinegar, we went to modena. Among the many vinegar factories we have chosen a qualified one: Acetaia Valeri in Magreta di Formigine.
The welcome was pleasant, gathered around the owner Valerio Giacobazzi we listened to how "the gold of Modena" is produced that, after all we have known, really deserves this appellation. During the visit among the batteries of barrels where the precious nectar ages, we tasted some qualities of different aging and deduced that Acetaia Valeri has a family history in the production oftraditional balsamic vinegar of Modena D.O.P. fully deserved.
We thank the owners for their kindness and availability.
Visit Acetaia Valeri Anfi

Thank you! And’ it was a pleasure

Acetaia Valeri

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