Balsamic vinegar of Modena, Acetaia Valeri

Dear Friends, also this year we will open the doors to the event “Vinegar Open“, that sees you as protagonists: in fact, you will choose why to come back to visit us or meet us for the first time.
We will open the doors to one of the events that for years has reconciled pastime and culture; a Sunday to take a trip out of town and know the tradition of truth Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.

The goal is to live together the history of Balsamic Vinegar, product known all over the world and which has its roots even in the Babylonian people.

Our attic houses a tradition handed down over the centuries, passion fruit, patience and mastery, worthy of a true masterpiece of taste! L ’ balsamic vinegar!
We will be very happy to cross with you the stages that have allowed theBalsamic vinegar of Modena to be on our tables, and we will be even more happy to let you taste it.

The rest we will leave to your taste buds, that we are sure will not be disappointed.

We wait for you Sunday 26 September 2021 for a day of gastronomic culture open to all of you!

Acetaia Valeri, the real family acetaia!

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