Acetaia Valeri joins the Welcome to Modena project


If you stay at least two nights in Modena you will receive vouchers Welcome to Modena that allow you to buy our balsamic vinegar

We accept vouchers “Welcome to Modena” as payment for our balsamic vinegars and visits with tasting

One more opportunity to get to know the world of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena with the’ offer, that allows you to visit the real acetaia family Acetaia Valeri.

What are welcome to modena vouchers and how do tourists get them


The "Welcome to Modena" vouchers are multi-purpose purchase vouchers that entitle the tourist in the holder of the voucher and his companions, to make payment for the purchase of goods or services up to the value indicated on the voucher, on the dates of validity and only at the companies that have joined the initiative (restaurants, agritourism, bar, shops, Craftsmen, tours and guided tours, Museums, farms (vinegar, cellars, Dairies, ham factories), tourist services.


Vouchers can be received by natural persons (not companies/VAT numbers) who stay at least two nights in Modena and its province in an affiliated accommodation facility, by booking your stay on the portal

Ask for more information and book your visit to Acetaia Valeri

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