Condiments Acetaia Valeri, Saba and Balsamic Condiment

Our product range is enriched with Organic Saba and Balsamic Condiment in gift box

The Biological Saba in the new bottle from 250 ML and Balsamic Seasoning in a new gift box in a bottle prismatic by 40 ml, with yellow or blue cardboard box to your preference.
Browsing through the pages of our online shop you will find the details of the new products and the necessary tips for use. In this shop you can buy our vinegars at the best price:

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Shop online Balsamic Vinegar and Condiments Acetaia Valeri

We take this opportunity to anticipate that in the coming weeks we will ensure that, at your disposal, some conveniently pocket folding that summarize the characteristics of the different products that you can find on the market, of course taking care in preferring our. Leaflets "vademecum" summarizing the information necessary to distinguish and advise you in the purchase.
Leaflets in homage to your purchases also to distinguish us and distinguish the different commercial proposals, otherwise you can buy them, through a simple request, supporting only postal expenses or passing directly to us scrupulously respecting the health provisions.

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