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Welcome Tourist 2016: ( local press release )

The format on the reception makes the territorial sold out at Formigine Castle

The Council Chamber has received over 60 exhibitors from the five municipalities talking about Social and territory. Wednesday 6 April the Formigine Castle welcomed the representatives of more than 60 economic activities of their area and the nearby Maranello, Fiorano Modenese, Sassuolo and Modena, for the second date of welcome tourist 2016.

Now in its fifth edition, the project offers free training on topics of strong current events between marketing and web, knowledge of local tourist resources and use of English in terms of tourism and of territorial cooperation- companies participating municipalities.

A format that has been getting a strong participation and a high degree of satisfaction on the part of members, both proposed times, both for the ability of speakers to transfer effectively general concepts on concrete and specific examples of work.

“A two-hour seminar that helps to enter the topic, followed by restricted working groups to apply the concepts just discussed on his business is certainly a winning idea”, said Andrea Alfieri, Rapporteur of the meeting theme “Social Media and Web Reputation” and social marketing expert and consultant to world-class brands ( GuanXi, Three, Davines, to name a few ).

The companies were thus able to do own some of the most important practices in the use of Social networks: from the care of one's online reputation to create a collaborative network inter-, the topics covered and the type of study have proved to be of great interest to a diverse audience by age, origin and entrepreneurial activity.

Also this year we are within this programme to promote local excellence of the territory and traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena is certainly one of those!

“Welcome Tourist” all ’ Acetaia Valeri!